Thermal cameras

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We offer several solutions of thermal cameras for different applications. One feature is that most cameras have very large diameter of lenses to get best characteristics and contrast. Diameter reduce noise and back ground haze a lot and helps to see low contrast objects far easier.

Left. Large diameter  lens 320x240 Pixels LW thermal camera for long range applications. Here we have a integrated PT unit  included. This is aimed for long range surveillance and low thermnal contrast applications.

Right a short range thermal camera with PT unit. This is a solid outdoor design.

Left. Long range 480x640 thermal camera with large zoom optics. 150 mm lens diameter.

Right. Medium range 640x480 thermal camera with 100 mm diameter lens F1,0 for low noise and high contrast viewing. This device was for airfield surveillance.

Left a 150 mm diameter thermal camera 640x480 with F1.0 optics. Designed fo long range surveillance with highest possible contrast.  This was used for checking runways at airports for intruders. We have solutions with up to 250 mm diameter lenses.

Right. Speclal design thermal camera with zoom for OEM integration with motor controll of leses and zoom.

Left SOE Tristar Electro optical detection and tracking system for the most demanding applications in SAR / Marine operations and home land security. Thermal , CCD , laser + radar combied in one single unit. The ideal solution to watch costal areas for events and better security. Highly advanced system with MIL specifications on most details.

Right dual spectra pan and tilt camera with highly advanced object tracker by software. Unique system with advanced specifications.

PT-LWIR hand hand held long range camera can see humans as fas as 2400 meter and have advanced recording functions for mobile operations. Ideal for police and UN missions and search and rescue operations at land and sea.

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TWIN-cam a dual camera with thermal and visible chanels in a small PTZ unit. Ideal surveillance camera and reasoable cost.

Duocam double CCD and thermal camera system on a PT unit.

T-Cam 640 a small thermal camera with 640x480 Pixels resolution. Analogue and digital output.

T-Cam 640 in industrial use with rugged housing and EX aproved housing

T-Cam IR 30 high level camera for emanding installations and good performance

T-Cam, IR 63 MIl specified rugged PTZ thermal camera with solid robust design

T-cam IR 75 high quality medium range thermal LWIR camera with PT unit.

T-Cam IR 150 long range thermal zoom camera

T-Cam 185 zoom long range LWIR camera

Thermocam TH 303 long range thermal camera system

Thermoview hand held thermal camera with compass and inclinometer. Range 1000-2000 meter in darkness.

THC 40 thermal medium range camera with pan and tilt unit

Twin-Cam short and me4dium range camera system. Dual spectra. LWIR + Near IRR + Vis + laser illumination

TWIN cam 185 dual spectra camera system.

PTZ Twin cam with thermal + laser camera on a PT unit-. Model T-Cam 330.

PTZ Twincam unit with thermal and visible camera and PT unit. High quality zoom.

Minitherm our smallest thermal camera . 640x480 Pixels . Camera made in Sweden

Military specified cameras  and sensors. Thermal + Active cameras + passive vision.

Twin cam dual spectra camera system for long range operation. Active and passive laser camera + thermal camera in same housing. 3500 -10 000 meter range

TriCam tripple spectra MIL spec avanced camera system

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