T-Cam IR 30 thermal camera

 Camera specifiations in short

Adopt the fourth generation of uncooled focal array plane infrared detector, 

NETD at 50mk easy to find objects. High resolution and hgigh contrast camera technology.

Special compensation circuits, no need of TEC, low power consumption. Better reliability.

DDE technology, easy to find hidden objects

Short start quickly, 2s driving time

High aluminum alloy shell, with nitrogen inside, can work under harsh environment . Rugged close to MIL specifications. Suitable for marine salty and wet climate.

II. Technical specifications

Detector   Uncooled focal array detector,    324×256 pixel

Spectrum  8~14μm  LWIR

Lens  30mm lens, F1.0  High numerical aperture lens

FOV  22.9°×17.3°

IFOV  0.95mrad

NETD  50mK@  F1.0, 300K

Electronic Magnification  2× digital.

Image Process  DDE

Video Output  PAL

Connector Type BNC(1)video output

Power Supply  12VDC

Power Consumption  Normal 5W

Interface  RS-485(PELCO-D, baud rate 2400bps)

Weight  2.75kg

Thermal Imaging Camera unit

Dimensions  251.5mm×154mm×150mm

Environment Indicator

Operation Temperature  -45°C~55°C(indoor);-5°C~50°C(outdoor);

Storage Temperature  -50°C~65°C

Humidity  ≤95%

Atmosphere Pressure  544mb~1000mb

Windproof Grade  8 grade(outdoor)

Protection Grade  IP66

3.4 Distance

Objects Detection       Distance   Recognition distance   Identification distance

People(1.8m×0.5m)      480m                  120m                                    60m

Vehicle (2.3m×2.3m)    1320m                 330m                                   180m

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