MIL specified active and passive camera systems

1. Laser night vision camera, with night vision distance 800m and daytime distance 2000m, 30X, 50mm lens, the floodlight in the middle can give alarm signal. 

2. Combines a day camera, a thermal camera and laser illuminator, thermal camera is easy to detect target, and laser night vision camera can offer more details about the target.

3. 3000 meter camera system

Combines a long range laser night vision camera LV3000 and long range thermal camera TIR185LWIR , popular in military area.  This unit have a laser istance mete integrate to measure istance to detect objects.

 4. Long range thermal camera with a 5km laser range finder, easy to measure target distance.    

5. Roto dome camera for military or other emaning applications. Laserillumination up to 3000 meter in distance. 

6. Thermal long range ca,mera with full MIL specification. etectability of humans opver 8 Km.

7. Hand held thermal camera of binocular model. Integrated GPS for own position. Laser range finder to see distances and predict objects global position. Inclinometer and compass to cellect data of what is watched.

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