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We offer activley cooled CCD cameras with very good performance in difficult conditions. They are the perfect CCTV camera as they have 24/7 characteristics and can handle large dynamic ranges of contrast in video stream. These cameras are about same sensitivity as a Gen 2 ICCD camera. Daytime they have color operation and very good color balance. Night time cameras get monochrome and a DSP start to improve the image quality dramatically. Dymanic range can be over 120 DB in one image frame. This makes cameras the excellent choice for demanding CCTV and surveillance applications.

Cameras can be delivered with housings and advanced lens systems. One is a multispectral lens that cowers UV-Near IR with same focus with no defocus of image. This camera is used in our 10 Km border control camera system.

HO-S321 nighttime 002  2  0001

2 images from a test in Sweden in moon shine . Boat is 3000 meter away and the pier behind is 5000 meter. We used 10 frames per sec and internal DSP processor. Here eyes only could see the outer shaow of boat and no details an colors of the hull. Optics was a 375/750 mm zoom lens with wide band spectra.


Left camera image  a 1000 -1200 meter view in monochrome view over a border river into Russia. Here it is very dark but image is clean and very detailed.

The people fish behind some trees and we can see what they do an their equipment.

We have used this camera in sub sea applications with success. ROV are tricky to handle in cameras as they have stong lamps in a dark area with dirt paraticles floating around in the field of view. Here we have a better solution for god video.

Data sheet about all our security camera systems and application an technology

EM CCD highest sensitivity Nivis camera

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