RF60-PH short range distance meter

RF 60 is a short range distance meter in a rugged industrial casing. System is based on a phase meter and range of 60 meter gives +- 1 mm in resolution. Speed is high for a phase meter with 40 Hz in speed over its RS 485 output. Encapsulation is IP 67 for industry and in and out door applications.

The measurement technique is based on Laser. Please note that when use the instrument, the intrument must avoide the strong light, such as sunlight, if so, the mesuring range will be shorten. When use the instrument indoor, the mearament range is 60m, when use in the outdoor in the sunlight, the the mearement range can reach 30m. The mearement goal can't be transparent fluids. 

Please install the instrument on metal surface to insure the
heat dissipation. When the temperature is higher than 40deg or below 0 deg., the instrument will start the thermostat which will be 10W power consumption. 

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