LDM 30 PH  Heavy Duty

This sensor is a phase meter in a very extreme encapsulation for worst conditions in heavy industry. The special laser gives only 0.6 miliradians in divergence so we can pick out small objects far away with mm accuracy.


LDM 30 PH series laser distance sensor can be detected in fixed and mobile targets, and can be used in various industrial fields. The device adopts the photoelectric principle and uses non contact method, based on the phase compared of amplitude modulated signal to realize distance measurement. Due to the divergence of the laser diode is 0.6 mrad, it can achieve a very high detection accuracy. The equipment which has higher protection level, better anti-interference ability, more widely used in various industrial fields, is the optimum laser sensor to realize the precise measurement in various industrial fields. The measurement results output by many kinds of connection way, so that do the further treatment.There are digital output and 4-20mA analog output and voltage alarm output, analog output corresponding to distance range can be arbitrarily defined, and measured distance of zero value can be arbitrary definition. The red visual laser is convenient to take aim and correct.

LDM 30 PH  series laser distance sensor possesses IP66 heavy industry protection degree. Optional protective, dust control, air cooling, water cooling and quick change device of window, can ensure instrument to use in the safe and effective in high temperature, dust and other harsh industrial environment.

LDM 30 PH  series laser distance sensor adopts three point mounting bracket with spring pad, simple and firm installation. The mounting bracket base has a horizontal and a vertical two kinds of installation. 

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