LDM 20000 RS 232 high speed long range range finder

This is our fastest long range range finder that do 20 Km in max range with a full 12,5 Hz in speed. This is the perfect system for marine long range camares to follow and track motions at sea. System fulfill several MIL spec demands .


Combined with mature optical-electro-mechanical design to reach high reliability. Operating in diverse harsh environment. Shockproof and be able to work at ultra-high/low temperature. High accuracy of ranging; High performance repeatability; Ultra-compact design; Easy operation. It can be easily integrated into other system via interfaces. It is a portable and standard ranging device for detecting air and ground target 

Functions of distance meter

1- Work Mode: manual or communications control, single or continuously realize one-time or continuous work, Communication control through the interface cable RS- 422 line transmit command (command format refer to communication protocol). When on continuous work, can send command or by manual to interrupt continuous work.

2- Trigger Mode: when receive continuous work command, it work continuously 1min and break for 1min , when receive a single work command, it triggers once.

3- Range Finding Frequency: continuous 12.5Hz or by manual(range finding once when receive a command,command frequency ≤2Hz) 

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