Range gated laser cameras

Range gated cameras use a pulse laser illuminator combined with an intensifier that is strobed by special electronics. By exact control of shutter we can controll the distance to where we look by time gating of the shutter. Accuracy and speed are 1-2 nano sec so we can resolve distane settings within 1 meter in accuracy. Image intensifier is a Gen 2+ or Gen 3 tube.

Range gating makes it possible to se ethrough particles ahead of viewing are aso in bad weather we can in crease visibility distance by factor 2-3 to other cameras.

Sealynx system at image can do 1000-1500 meter in range. Video stream  is a monochrome video. Marine applications are very favorable as water is dark and reflex bad for the 830 nm laser source. What is in water apppears very white with good contrast.

Distance discrimination can remove what is behind an object you want to wiev. This makes the system very good to detect intruders. In areas with lamps this system will see through and see what is behind. This is perfect for harbour areas and airports.


Images of same area in negative or positive view. Behind the man thee are soime boats under curtains that we have removed by gthe gating function. Distance here is about 100 mete and it is no lamps in the dark area.


Image over ICCD camera unit and optics assembly. This is a very critical unit opeating with nano sec accuracy an high sensitivity. Lens is special with focus and motor iris. This is a complex unit with high voltage bcombined with sub nanosec electronics. Distance resolution is sub meters up to 1500 meter in distance.

This is often a land based system . We do also offe a sub sea system with a green laser. Pls see our  web about sub sea systems for more information.

Mini-Lynx hand held range gated binoculars

Range gated camera summry and ideas what it can offer. PPT document

Range gated cameras  and what they do and our models and details about technology

Range gated cameras in a marine test at winter time and in dakness and snow

Range gated cameras in a test to see penertation of objects and bad weather.

Video clip over a river area with a dredging machine

Video clip over a small forrest where we see through vegetation.

Range gated camera in marine area and in dark areas. Good examples to understand more

Man walking on a pier with range gating video.

SubSea Lynx system images of the sub sea range gated camera.

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