Active laser cameras / fog cameras


Sunnytek offers 2 models of active laser cameras that are optimized to se through hard weather conditions and darkness. Booth operate in near IR spectra and have a lasre as light source. We use long life cooled laser diodes as light source.

* Active CW laser camera is a camera with a continous laser as light source like a lamp. Power is high and often this is a class 3B or 4 laser. By special software and tricks it is good in looking through bad weather and get long range. Range are from 100 meter for small cameras to 10 KM for long range systems.

* Range gated laser camera use a pulsed lasre and a strobed image intensifier. Here we can set a viewing window in distance where we want to see. Objects in front or more far away get no light and range can be compressed. This camera is the best and most costly system and we have installed several systems in security and sub sea applications where we have a special model with green light.

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