Laser perimeter systems / border protection


20101008035Left Laser perimeter with GSM communication and camera trigger with storage unit. This order was for a foreign giv order.

100 1865

Right portable laser perimeter with SMS alarm used by a guard company. System is moved all days and only used at nights. Integated battery and mobile modem.


Left side laser scanner base detection system for moveable objects over large areas. Here a laser adar sense an aea with any form an see what happens here. The termal camera on top is controlle to see objects and tack them. Operator have a 24/7 view of what is thee. Web interface and remote contolle operation.

Right side an area 3D watching system to look fo moveable objects and if they have a wrong motion patten we make an alarm. System use a 3 laser radar and a camera thhat follws detected objects. Area cowred is 8x600 meter and system have a web interface and control.

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