Home land  and security links and applications

Application reports an ideas for our laser radar systems and technical ideas.


Link to our summary pages about Home laand security solutions and systems.

Home land security ideas and sensors by Laseroptronix 

Some of our references in the area oif home land security sensors

Application note, Change detection to search and area after 3D changes in shape. Railroad crossings. 

Range gated camera systems and sensors to see in darkness and bad weather. See through technology cameras.

Laserfence system a laser barrier solution acting as a virtual fence. Invisble detection of intruders without notice.

Virtue fence portable easy to operate invisible laser barrier with SMS / Web communication

Lasergrab a laser profile scanner sensing an area and watching for new objects and the position of what is here.

How to protect a harbor or water area to unknown intruders in a fully automatic way. 

Laser photocell with very long range and high resolution to see small objects at sea or land.

Laser photocell for marine applications based on distance meter and no sensor at far end (one way operation ).

Long range active thermal photocell for marine home land security. Boat counting an size system.

Detection of objects on sea and motion and identity with 100% automatic operation. Camera verification of identity.

LaserGuard system is a 3D laser scanner that sense area for new objects and they track and follow their path.

Border security and perimeter protection solutions by our technology.

System to protect swimming pools to accidents by drowning / sub sea camea scanner for botom area.

Argus view 1 very long range camera and border security system Part 1

Argus view 2 very long range camera and border security system Part 2

Laseroptronix laser radar applications by laser radar technology and laser scanners / 3D sensors

Laseroptronix Rail road solutions for security in rail road and sub way transports.

Protection system for rail road bridge area to debris and obstacles by laser radar technology.

Protection system for rail road crossings by Lase radar solution. Laser radar scanner for obstacles.

Protection of dangerous area on platforms from falling down on rail / zone protection device for personal protection. Edgescan.

Platform protection system for sub ways and rail roads by laser scanner technology.

Train alert laser and led lamps for sub way protection an platforms.

Swedish / Surveillance solution for protection of rail road areas by laser radar and cameras./                                               Övervakning av spårområden med Laseroptronix teknologi.

Teleclick portabelt SMS larmsystem för arbetsplatser och tillfälliga installationer.

LAS 1000 sniper detection system / reflex detector to find people that observ you by binoculars etc.

3D volumetric area contyrol scanner with 3D cloud point analyze

Laserguard 3D scanninmg volumetric detection system for intruders.

Lösningar och teknik för järnväg mot intrång, klotter och olycker samt övervakning

Övervakning av spårområden mot intrång ock klottrare. Svensk text.

Mikrovågssystem ocgh perimeter skydd på Svenska

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