Laser radar / LADAR  systems and solutions


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Laser radar / ladar is a scanned laser distance meter in some way. It scanns a single axis profile and if so a 2 D laser scanner / Ladar. If scanned 2 axis it is a 3D laser scanner / radar and can make a full 3D image of what is there in distance and angle coordinates or if prefferd 3D data and CAD files. We have been working in this area for over 20 years and maked many systems and installations.

Applications is all from home land security to industrial control or 3D mapping in reverse engineering.

In the past we have done many systems and ahve own designs and tehchnology here. Beside this we have also done airborne scanners where one motions commes from the trajectory the system follows.

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Left top we show a system to scann and detect cars stopped between gates at rail roads. Here we look for larger objects that damage the train. We can see smaller objects and make alerts and alarms if so.

Right top is a tracing 3D scanner to follow aircraft motions close to test sites. We move cameras and a laser distance meter and can se all motions of the aircraft.

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