Laser illumination for surveillance cameras

We offer several solutions for increased visibility range for cameras. The best is always a last illumination source or laser lamp if preferred. Avantages for lasers are following.

Much longer range than any other light source and far better that LED sources

Much more narrow beam so targets can be pinpointed in a simple way

Relativly easy to change focus and divergence over a wide range that no other lamp can offer. Zoom get much simpler,.

Narrow optical band width which makes it far easier to filter away other light sources.

Information about Long range illumination devices by laser.  These gives very long range combined with better contrast and image quality. Zoom and posibility to track camera zoom operation.

Long range models

Long lighting distance, 3000 meters
■Many patent technologies, automatic zooming, light intensity

homogenization, no infrared lights exposure, etc.
■Low power consumption, save energy; key components life-long and

high efficiency
Small size and low weight, easy to be installed and hidden

Anti-harsh environment, adopt advanced reinforcement sealing treatment, against dusts, rain, anti-vibration and impact 

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