Infrared and visible camera illumination


Left. High power near IR led lamp for camera support at night time. 830 nm near IR or 940 no that is 100% invisible for the eye. Power level to over 500W.

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Right. Hybride led illuminator with very good characteristics. Can be used with good focus at long range up to 500 m.

High power long range LED IR lamps for camera applications. Can work up to 500 meter with good image quality and excellent contrast. Most narrow beam is 20 degree and max beam 120 degree. Here we offers a moderate range large area solution that makes CCTV cameras to work better at low levels. These lamps are also available with white light. Power up to 400W.

Right. Same style of camera with other optics. We offer them with 830 and 940 nm spectra depending on demand. To 940 nm we also have spoecial cameras as normal CCD are less sensitive at this rather higher part of IR spectra. On demand we have SWIR cameras and illumination in the 1 micon to 3 micron area of lasers and cameras.

Left high power array combination to get long range and wide angles. Power to several hundred Watts in near IR. Up to 180 degree FOV an still rather long range visibility.

Right. Laser illumination system with power up to 8W at 830 nm. Zoom capability by RS 485 command. FOV from less one degee to 30 degree. MIL spec on some models.

Left. Laser illumination system with power to 20W. Rapid zoom function and possible to traxk camera zoom in angles.

Right. Very high power laser illumination system with zoom and max power of 100 W in a narrow beam. 830, 860 or 940 nm spectra.Lens diameter 125 mm.

Led illumination camera system. 

Active cameras and laser cameras.

Range gated laser cameras the ultimate camera to see far in bad weather.

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