Camera  extra equipment and hardware

Camera housing for industrial and marine applications where robust design and stainless steel materials are needed. We offer several models that are very solid and robust and can handle worst condition applications. This model is made in  marine corrosion resistant steel type L316 and on then painted gray in color. One option is wipers. One other is water cooled for hot areas. One is also EX approved for oil and chemical plant applications.  More about rugged camera housing


EX aproved camera housings for dangerous areas with hazards and explosive gases and liquids. Thes especial stainless steel housings are aimed for petroleum and medical industry etc where there are demands for special designs to make camera intrinsic safe.


High temperature stain less steel housings with water cooled casing with 2 walls. Water flos keeps what is inside in a reasoable temperature.

EX approved pan and tilt units with cameras and illumination solutions. These are alos used when there are EX demands in the area or when climate and environment is very hard and demanding. Cameras have full PTZ operation and Pelco protocol for standard interfaces.


EX approved dome cameras and dome camera housings fo same type of demands as all the other EX    designs. Typical locations can be petroleum industry and off shore oil applications.

PT17 heavy duty pan and tilt unit is very rugged for outdoor and marine applications. This unit can carry 17 kg an is booth fast and very acurate in aiming a target far away. Protocoll follows different common standards and a TCP-IP version is available. This unit fulfill several MIL Specifications and corrosion demands More about PT 17 pan and tilt unit

Gyro pan and tilt units for aiming and control of cameras in moving installations like boats, cars and aircrafts. Here we have 3 models that handle all from 3 kg to 45 kg in pay load. Speed up to 60 degree / sec in 2 axis.They are controlled by a INS micro mechanical gyro. One option is GPS contoll to follow a global coordinate independent of platform motions. 

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