Laserdome 300/311 new active laser camera

This laserdome camera is generation 2 with better range and performance iun all points. This is the perfect 24/7 surveillance camera whee demands are high and ranges within 300-600 meter. Laser illumination and a fine CCD camera gives excellent contrast and video quality.

Advanced PT and zoom makes camera very flexible and still cost efficient compared to almost no alternatives that ours.


This camera combines laser illuminator, ccd camera and pan-tilt together, horizontal 360° rotating, can realize full direction monitoring.


  •   adopt laser illuminating system, long lighting distance and wide lighting field
  •   low light color to black camera, can realize continuous monitoring day and night
  •   shifting pan-tilt, realize omnidirectional no blind spot monitoring and high accurate orientation

  high intelligence, easy to operate and maintain

  uneasy to be discovered

  smart shell with professional design, light, firm, thermostabilization, anti-corrosion,

waterproof and acid rain proof

  low power consumption, little heat, stable performance 

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