LaserCatch 3000/750 long range camera system

Active lasercam 3000-5000m

LaseCatch 3000/750 is a long range aqctive laser camera optimized for long range home land security applications. Range is typically 3000 meter in total darkness and the large zoom optics have a 750 mm focal length. Integrated laser do also have a zoom that can track and match the field of view of the camera. Camera is very urge and fullfill several MIL specification demands.

Camera have the unique see through fog function that helps a lot to see in bad weather and haze and fog. Pls see video clip?

Camera have a large heavy duty PT unit to control aiming and tracking. We have several options and web interfaces to this camera and a very advanced video analytics solution. 


Using active laser infrared night vision with good background contrast, clear imaging and uninfluenced by outside lightings.
LC cameras is an independent intelligent patent night vision camera. Accompanied with color to black video camera, this series can realize 
continuous monitoring day and night. This product can recognize people and vehicles 3000 meters away. With the high intensity aluminum and stainless steel, this one can be used in many occasions such as night, harsh environment, long distance, large scope or hidden monitoring.

Main Use:

Oil fields, Railways, Airports, harbors, engineering constructions, forests fireproofing and Police reconnaissance, Large areas/ invisible real-time monitoring
• Frontier and coast defense, national defense, Night campaign, Military facilities, military department and military station

* Marine applications in harbor or coastal areas to see boats and motions in the area. Detect people in dark rubber boats common into the watched area. Early warning solution.

* Airport security applications where the capability to see behind lamps are useful. Aiports make life complex as there are booth lamps and dak corners where anything may happen.

Environmental operation of camera:

Working temperature: -25°C~+55°C;
Storage temperature: -40°C~+65°C;
Anti-vibration: 15m/s2 5~200Hz;
Anti-impact: 150m/s2 11ms;
Anti-saltfog: continuously spraying 48hours under PH of 6.5~7.2 

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