LaserCatch 1000 active laser camera


LaserCatch 1000 is a medium to short range active laser camera with up to 1000 meter range in night vision mode. At days this is a color camera. At nights monochrome passive and when laser is on it is active.

In twilight i change to a high sensitivity CCD camera with image processing for best image quality. Camera can se ethrough fog and bad weather by asctive image processing inside the camera.

In nights the laser starts up an it get into active laser mode. Here range is 1000 meter an video quality is very good. Unique is the good contrast of a laser camera that makes ID applications far easier at long range. Compared to thermal cameras the clear detailed inages ae far better rto identifie and see what people do in the viewed area.

Camera unit is installed on a heavy duty pan and tilt unit.

Unique characteristics of the system

Intelligent Simultaneous Zooming

This system has adopted digital processor, can analyze the lens focal length and exterior control information in real-time, laser speckle can zoom simultaneously or be controlled remotely. Pan/tilt angle, lens focus, laser speckle can change simultaneously with presetting bits.

MQMM Lighting Source Shaping Homogenization Technology

Our company’s laser illuminator has adopted the particular technology of lighting source shaping homogenization, and it really improves the lighting effect.

Laser Illuminator Protecting Technology

Unique stable laser drive circuit, 1s soft start, effective elimination of peak voltage; laser diode is airproof and filled with nitrogen, effective elimination of the wet steam and dust, prolong the lifetime of the laser illuminator.

 IDE Image Enhancement Technology

Adopts digital image processing technology, good contrast, digital noise reduction, can obtain more clear images.

MMA External Adjustment Technology

Adopts high precision light axis adjustment, reserved adjustment window, no need to open 


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