Laser catch 1500 active laser camera system 1500 m range

LaserCatch 1500 is a mid / long range active laser camera for 24/7 applicvations in surveillance. Range is up to 1500 meter in 100% darkness and the integrated laser illuminator gives light to the camera unit. Active laser lamps gives far better performance than led emitters.

Lase have a zoom that is synchronized to camera zoom if needed. System do normally have a solid PT unit with advanced control functions.

The system is MIL spec in several points and far more robust than normal PTZ cameras.

Introduction LaserCatch camera system

The LaserCatch mid distance laser night vision cameras adopt active laser infrared night vision technology, with good features of background contrast, clear imaging and uninfluenced by external lightings. It combines laser illuminator and low illumination high definition visible camera together, detecting distance is 1500m in total darkness.

With the high intensity aluminum and stainless steel, this item can be used in many occasions such as night, harsh environment, long distance, large scope or hidden monitoring. 

Main Features of LaserCatch 1500

Laser beam electric zooming

Adopts long-range large scope infrared laser zooming illumination technology, can realize long distance small scope focus observation and short distance large scope observation.

MQMM Homogenization Technology making laser beam free from speckle and bad uniformity

Adopts the multi-quantum-well laser coupling with micro-lens waveguide fiber homogenization technology, elimination of laser speckle and illumination more uniformity.

SSZ Intelligent Synchronous Zooming Technology

Lighting spot can be simultaneously zooming or independently adjusted.

Laser Illuminator Protecting Technology

Unique stable laser drive circuit, 1s soft start.

Multilayer AR film optics

Adopts large-diameter imaging lens and laser lens with multilayer near-infrared AR film, penetrate rate more than 85%.

MMA External Adjustment Technology

Adopts high precision light axis adjustment, reserved adjustment window, no need to open the cover, easy to maintain. 

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