LaserCatch S3000/1000 enhanced model photo

This is the new LaserCatch 3000/1000 with the very large 200 mm diameter lens with 128X zoom. It is unequal in image quality at long range and a very good camera when you nee resolution an detailed information of what is happening in a far away area. 

Photos below show the camera with PT unit an this is a 55kg heavy unit that is very robust and solid.  Camera and pan and tilt fulfills several MIL spec demands.

Boat is in a harbor 3000 meter away in darkness. Here we how what details are visible at this long range.

People arr 1500 meter far away and can easily be identified at this range in darkness. No thermal camera commes close to this image quality.

Far 3000 m China ship

Boat is 3000 meter away in a harbor in a dark aea at night. Laser gives a very good image quality so see small details on boats. This camera is very goodto see illegal activities as smugglers, fishers  and imignant related issues. Themal cameras can never givbe this image quality.

2 man on a walal is 1500 meter away in 2 different zoom settings. Here quality is so good that it is possible to make an ID of people. You can also see what they do as talk in a mobile phone. THis is far over any thermal camera and adds important information for users.

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