Lascam IR 300 series of pan and tilt camera + laser


Lascam IR 300 models are 3 models that appears the same but have different operating range. Cameras have a support IR laser as light source that generates enough light to have a good image quality at long range at nights. The design is rugged outdoor and cameras can survive the hardest applications.


This camera have adopted infrared laser illuminator, which can recognize people, vehicles and other objects in the distance of 400 meters at night, their shell is made of high strength aluminum alloy, which are anti-impact and anti-corrosion. Their protection grades up to IP 66, and the super wiper anti-vibration make them suitable for vehicle monitoring.

They can work whole day, rotate 360°look up 180°, without blind spot. There are 6 tracking paths and 128 presetting bits. Its working voltage is scope is DC 10.5~DC18V or AC24V. They can be used in harsh environment, large ranges and invisible real-time monitoring projects. 

Main Features

■Adapt infrared laser illumination technology, not restrained by lighting source ■Low illumination color to black camera, can be continuous monitoring day and night
■Pan tilt for every direction, can achieve monitoring every direction and high precision positioning

■High intelligent design, easy to operate, liable to use and maintain
■Easy to be hidden and not to be found easily
■Professional design shell, pretty, small, firm, anti-erosion, water proof, anti salt rain

■Low power consumption and low heat, stable working performance 

We offer 3 models as in following table

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