Lascam IR-332 active laser camera with pan and tilt unit

Lascam IR 332 is a rubbed active laser camera with PT unit and very rugged and solid design. It have the laser illumination unit on one side and the camera on the other side of the PT unit. Range is 300-600 meter with very good image quality.

These cameras are very suitable toi handle CCTV and suveillance applications. They have a very good image quality compared to thermal cameras and are reasoaqnble priced. Design is Semi military specifications for very hard climate.


This product integrates laser illuminating, visible light imaging and pantilt control. The night vision distance can reach hundreds of meters. It can realize day and night monitoring.


  • Adopt laser illuminating system, long lighting distance and wide FOV
  • low light color to black camera, can realize continuous monitoring day and night
  • shifting pan-tilt, realize omnidirectional no blind spot monitoring and high accurate orientation
  • Zoom operation of camera 36X ratio
  • Zoom of laser source synchronized with camera zoom

Special features

  high intelligent, easy to operate and maintain

  uneasy to be discovered

  smart shell with professional design, light, firm, anti-corrosion, waterproof and acid rain proof

  low power consumption, little heat, stable performance 

Technical specifications and characteristics

Distance   Night vision distance  300m

Day vision distance   600m

CCD camera  sensor  1/4"EXview HAD CCD

Valid pixel / Resolution of camera About 440,000 pixel

Horizontal Resolution  540 TVL(color);570 TVL(black/white)

Focal Length  3.4 ~122.4 mm,36x optical zoom

Iris  F1.6~F4.5   Field of view FOV  57.8° (wide ) to 1.7° (tele)

Focus Auto/manual

Shutter 1/1~1/10,000s

White balance Auto/indoor/outdoor

SNR ≥50db

Laser illuminator  Illuminating elements   Infrared laser illuminator

Wave length 808nm Near IR spectra

Laser safety class 3B not fully eye safe

Lighting Angle 2°~45°, electronic adjust continuously

Illuminator control  automatic/ manual control

Pantilt  Pan speed 0°~80°/s

Tilt speed 0°~60°/s

Pre-sets 128 positions

Cruise function 6 cruising paths, every has 20 presets

Self-inspection 40s

Interface Power supply  AC24V

Other interface RS485、BNC video output

Environment Indicator and performance

Operation temperature -25°C~+55°C from start an after warm up from - 40C

Storage temperature -40°C~+65°C

Protection grade IP65 water proof

Anti-vibration 15m/s2 5~200Hz

Anti-impact 150m/s2 11ms

Anti-salt fog  Under PH 6.5-7.2, continuously spray fog

Power supply AC24V±10%, pls use accompanied power supply

Power consumption ≤50W

Weight 7.5kg

Size 374*218*243 (L×W×H)

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