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Sunnytek  Solar SWEDEN AB       Färjevägen 3          178 54 Ekerö.  / Helgö            Sweden

Att: Allan Jansson                       Phone: 0046-73 708 80 64        Mail:

Att: Caroline Jansson

Registrated name is Sunnytek Solar Sweden AB with VAT reg nr 559199-1079

Ekerö Helgö is 20 minutes west Stockholm on an island in lake Mälaren. We are in a green area cose to the sea side with own sea  pier and plenty of singing birds and animals.

Sunnytek Office in Kenya      Tealand Engineering Kericho    Moi Road   

Contact person  Parminder Hunjan

Post address Box 98                      Next to Choppies supermarket          Phone   +254 727 365 556

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22020 Kericho                                 Kericho                                                Kenya

Sunnytek DEVMAN Ltd industrial sales.

Att Bosco Misago                              Manager

 Aline Nshimirimana                  Secretary

Sunnytek BURUNDI Ltd.  Avenue Ndora 3 No 27  Bujumbura            Burundi

Att Barnabe Karorero                    Mail                        Manager

Phone nr                                       Phone  00257 792 228 88

Att Franck Ntiranyibagira              Phone 00257 795 863 25  Sales / technician / engineer

Service office        Rohero  avenue des oranges  No 3               Bujumbura             Burundi

This office also make service and istallations in eastern Congo.

Sunnytek Burundi Medical applications and hospitals . Local Representative.

Dufashanye in Bujumbura.

Sunnytek office Senegal      Nelec GT        Dakar        Senegal

Att Gnagna Thioye  Phone 0221-77 523 48 03    Manager

Att Paul Sambou      Phone 0221- 77 324 22 91  Market and sales

Sunnytek Partner Colombia  Ecoswecol  Bogota

Please contact us for contact details and we connect!  Victor Wilches handle this area.

Installations and works in Burundi. English version.                             Site map and links to web site

Sunnytek Solar Sweden AB:       Phone +46 73 708 80 64          Mail.